As an online MSN-FNP student, you will be required to attend two on-campus intensives (OCIs) in Los Angeles. OCIs test your classroom education with skill assessment exercises and exams with faculty. The first OCI (OCI 1) will take place when you are enrolled in NURS-502. The second OCI (OCI 2) will take place when you are enrolled in NURS-601.

During your first OCI, you will spend three days at USC’s two primary campuses, University Park Campus (UPC) and the Health Sciences Campus (HSC). This long weekend is your chance to meet fellow classmates and USC faculty in person and strengthen your professional relationships. In small groups led by USC faculty, you will practice the skills acquired in class and participate in open labs, patient stimulated visits, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) and more.

Oci Trojan Fam (1)

We value the OCI experience immensely because it is our opportunity to welcome you — in person — into the Trojan Family. The OCI weekend allows you to meet your peers and professors outside the online environment. While the weekend is rigorous and intended to test your knowledge and skills, we encourage you to engage with your fellow classmates and explore USC’s campus and the city of Los Angeles.