Lead this Multi-Dimensional Industry Forward

With the global public relations (PR) market expected to grow by more than $25 billion by 2027, it is clear organizations are increasingly relying on the industry to ensure their brands thrive in today’s complex communications landscape.[1] The rise of digital technology has further accelerated this demand in areas like multiplatform content creation, social media advertising and influencer relations. As a result, today’s public relations practitioners must work across multiple areas of the communication landscape, from branding to advertising, social media, influencer relations, and beyond. [2]

USC Annenberg has created the new Master of Science in Public Relations Innovation, Strategy and Management (MSPRISM) to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to lead across the full spectrum of PR, marketing and advertising functions. While building a foundation in critical thinking, ethics and data-driven decision making, MSPRISM students learn to develop and deploy compelling, accurate and equitable communication campaigns that incorporate constant technological advances.

Public Relations

Offered by USC Annenberg’s School of Journalism, the MSPRISM program boasts a holistic curriculum that marries traditional methods with modern-day approaches allowing students to refresh and enhance their diverse skill sets. Taught by faculty practitioners, the curriculum builds on the foundational principles of PR to new ways of storytelling and prepares students to become impactful, purpose-driven leaders fueled by data, creativity, strategy and contemporary implementation skills.


To navigate, create and lead communications in an environment of constant technological advances, we must demonstrate agility and comfort with continuous change. This program prepares students to tackle potential disruptions brought on by changing technologies and manage their impact on organizations. Through courses in content creation, multichannel communication campaigns and storytelling with data intelligence, students will learn to lead and evolve communications within their organization.


The ability to create multichannel communication plans grounded in research, data, critical thinking, and strategy in order to help an organization manage through change or solve a communication problem is core to public relations. Through classes such as Storytelling with Data Intelligence and Multiplatform Content Creation, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to analyze and evaluate data to create compelling and effective campaigns for their organizations. Graduates will be able to think critically, evaluate, and interpret data to counsel the C-Suite and weigh in on critical decisions.


Goal-oriented communications practitioners lead with philosophies that are adaptive, ethical, and purposeful. In addition, they demonstrate business acumen with an understanding of economic and financial fundamentals. Through classes in financial communications, leadership, and ethics, graduates of this program will be prepared to communicate with shareholders and stakeholders and effectively collaborate with leadership in their organization.

Public relations practitioners are increasingly expected to manage communications across multiple channels, strategize and respond to crises, and effectively counsel the C-suite. The MSPRISM program prepares students for diverse career opportunities in the field. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have in-demand skill sets and be capable of leveraging fundamental PR theory, innovative technologies, and strategic problem-solving to lead authentically in their organizations.


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